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The Animal Clinic and Equine Center
of equine veterinarian Dr. Robert L. Leonard, DVM, AAEP
Home of the archived issues of the weekly advice column on horse health,
"Equine Notes"

I have been writing a weekly newspaper column about horse health and care for the West Plains, Missouri Daily Quill since the mid 1980s. Because I have had so many requests for back issues from horse owners and breeders in the Ozarks region, I thought it might be helpful to publish them on the internet. I asked Mark Rector of the Lazy R Ranch to design and publish this website. I understand it is a very large project, therefore it may take a while to get the hundreds of articles included.  I hope you will find these articles helpful.

     These articles were written for a regional newsaper, the West Plains, Missouri Daily Quill.  They are short topic discussions, because we only had a limited amount of column space available each week.
      I think they work pretty well, it doesn't take a long time to read them, and we hope you find it easy to find the topic you are looking for.
     Once the site is complete, you will have access to the thousands of hours of careful work I have put into these articles.
Address, phone,
contributed by our readers:

Many readers sent in some very nice pictures of their horses.  Please feel free to
cute horse pictures.
In these articles you will find
information about proper care and diet, common and unusual ailments, seasonal concerns, timely subjects, anecdotal illustrations and stories, and (hopefully) just good reading material for the horse enthusiast.
Help/Instructions page: learn how to use the resources in this website.  I have tried to make it simple, I understand that this website should not be hard to use.
I absolutely hate complicated "Help" files that take forever to read: they don't help much!
I have tried to make using this site simple, I understand that this website should not be hard to use (HELP).

If you get lost in the archives, Sing a Song Loretta is waiting for you on every page. Clicking on her picture will always bring you back to this Home Page.
Sing A Song Loretta will lead you to the Home Page
"I know the way,
let me lead you Home."
We now have enough of the columns posted to the internet to provide a topic-specific search of the archives.  Use it  to easily locate the articles that deal with the particular subject your are looking for.
Practice Specializing in Horses' Reproductive System and Breeding, and Embryo Transfer
Dr. Robert L. Leonard, DVM, AAEP
1376 CR 8490 West Plains, MO 65775
Phone:  (417) 256-9235
FAX:  (417) 256-7011
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ABOVE: Lazy R Ranch Sing a Song Loretta
Is designed by Mark Rector at Lazy R Ranch
If you would like to email me with suggestions,
I also dedsigned my friend's web site,
Dr. Leonard uses the W-W "Beefmaster" Squeezegate, and called it "The Cadillac of Livestock Equipment"
As R. D. Rector (Dad) always said,
"If you always buy the best,
you'll never be sorry."
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